Become a Developer Marketing Manager with this Complete Career Bundle

Everything you need to start a career as a developer marketing manager and land a job in DevRel!


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What will you learn?

  • What is developer marketing
  • How to differentiate between B2B, B2C, and B2D
  • DevRel vs DevMar
  • Career in Developer Marketing
  • Steps to understanding developers
  • How to understand and create a developer persona
  • How to create a developer marketing strategy
  • Understand and create a developer persona
  • How to choose the right channel to reach developers
  • How to create valuable technical content
  • Learn 7 key elements of a great developer experience
  • Sponsorships vs. partnerships: choosing the right ship
  • Promoting developer content
  • Using advertising as a sponsorship
  • Leveraging influencer marketing
  • The best way to sponsor events and conferences
  • Learn developer experience mistakes to avoid
  • Explore developer experience with real apps and platforms
  • How to drive awareness, adoption, and advocacy of developer products
  • Understand the developer journey for your developer product

Earn a Beacamp Certification

Upon completing Beacamp’s developer marketing courses, you’ll receive an industry-recognized developer marketing certification to share with your network and showcase all you’ve learned. Beacamp certificates are formatted for sharing on LinkedIn.