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Learn with mentors and peers

Learn with mentors and peers

Use the wealth of experience and collaborate with peers to fast-track your learning journey.

Hands-on based certification

Hands-on based certification

Engage directly with real-world scenarios and practical knowledge tests that employers value and recognize.

Experienced Tech Mentors

With mentor-guided lessons, you’ll receive a certificate upon completion and assistance in landing your dream tech job.

Want to start a tech career but don't want to code? No problems!

Start an in-demand non-coding career!

Dive into careers like technical support, developer marketing, community management, and technical writing. These non-coding careers are in high demand and offer competitive salaries and immense growth potential.

Whether you’re transitioning from a different career or just beginning your professional journey in tech, it’s time to discover many opportunities awaiting you in the tech world—no coding required!

Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Community Manager

Community Manager

Expand your options to earn and increase your income with the right career!

Explore a range of non-coding courses, unlock higher earning potential, and secure a rewarding job in the tech industry.


What makes Beacamp different from other learning platforms?

Beacamp specializes in non-coding tech careers, combining tailored courses with hands-on experience, mentor guidance, and certification. We ensure that you gain both knowledge and practical skills for the real world.

Can I ask questions or get help if I am having trouble with a course?

Yes, we have a system for you to ask questions and receive help from mentors in realtime or other students.

Are courses interactive?

Yes, our programs include quizzes, discussions, projects, and a certification exam to engage you and promote learning.

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